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Initiatives of Shri Deekshitar

Sri Veda Yagna Samrakshini Sabha was founded in by Brahmashree Subramania Dikshitar with an aim to preserve and promote among the people at large the rich tradition of Sanskrit, Sastric Codes, Vedic Education, performance of homams and above all the Sanathana Dharma. Sri Deekshitar conducts various activities under the auspices of this sabha. The Sabha organises Chaturveda parayanam every year in Chennai, in which eminent scholars in the various shaakhaas of the vedas assemble and chant the vedas strictly according to the sampradaya.

Brahmashri Subramania Deekshitar also conducts rare homas such as Lakshminarayana Hrudaya homa, Medha Dakshinamoorti homa, Bhaagyasookta homa, Shreesookta homa, etc. He also holds Chandi homas and Lalita homa regularly as part of the Navaratri celebrations.

Shri Deekshitar is a Ganapati upasaka, and conducts Ganapati homa every month on Krishna Chaturthi for the welfare of devotees. He also performs Panchayatana pooja in accordance with the tradition established by Adi Shankaracharya. Such poojas have been performed in the houses of scores of devotees at their behest, and is found to have resulted in the welfare of all concerned.

Continuing the tradition of Navaratri utsava started by Shri Viswanatha Sharma and Krishnamurthy Deekshitar, Shri Subramania Deekshitar conducts recitation of Vedas, Ramayana parayana, Devi Mahatmyam, Navavarana puja, Devi puja, Suvasini puja and Kanyaka puja followed by Smaradana (Annadanam) every year with ardent devotion.

Another very special activity taking place under the guidance of Brahmashri Deekshitar is the annual Bhagavata Study Circle at Gunasheelam, one of the 108 Shrivaishnava Divyadesams, every December [around Christmas time]. Devotees assemble at this place and undertake a deep study of the shlokas of the Srimad Bhagavatam. The essence of the shlokas is bought out in all it’s beauty. The study is recommenced the next year from where it stopped this year.

Sri Krishna Sudha Samithi is another forum established by Shri Deekshitar. This samithi undertakes publication of recordings of various discourses by Shri Deekshitar , with an aim of preserving the knowledge-base for the future generations.

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