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Navarathiri patrikai

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Upanyaasakeerti, Sarasa-bhaashee, Pravachana Balavaageeshwara, Bhagavatha Ratnam Brahmasri Sengalipuram Subramania Deekshitar is one of the leading exponents of the puranas, and an eminent authority on Vedas and Shrauta yajnas. Shri Deekshitar is a profound scholar in Sanskrit and Tamil, and has given hundreds of discourses on various episodes from the treasure-house of Indian mythology. He is held in great esteem throughout the nation for his deep knowledge of Sanatana dharma, persuasive eloquence during discourses, and scintillating skills of exposition. He has been working untiringly for the propagation of Indian culture and the ideals enshrined in the Vedas and scriptures.

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